Xanthelasma: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Xanthelasma? Xanthelasma is a condition where yellow spots appear on the area around the eyelids. The patch is a lump of fat or cholesterol that is under the skin layer. Xanthelasma can appear in a small form and then develop and expand at a time with time.
Some of the most common spots found by Xanthelasma are in the inner corner of the eye or inner corner, on the eyelids, and also on the part of the eyes. Xanthelasma is not a dangerous skin disease, but it certainly is quite disturbing to your appearance. Find out the following causes, symptoms and treatment of Xanthelasma.


Xanthelasma belongs to a rare disorder. A common cause of Xanthelasma is the buildup of fat in the skin tissue. This condition can occur due to high levels of bad cholesterol or high levels of fat in the blood. But this is not the main cause of Xanthelasma. Half of Xanthelasma sufferers are also known to have normal cholesterol levels.
There are several other conditions that can increase your risk of experiencing Xanthelasma such as high levels of bad cholesterol and low good cholesterol, having familial hypercholesterolemia, primary biliary cirrhosis, hypertensive sufferers, diabetics, smokers, and obesity.
Please note that the condition of Xanthelasma is most prevalent in women, especially those who have entered middle age. Even so, there are also a number of Xanthelasma cases that appear at various ages.


Symptoms of Xanthelasma are the appearance of yellowish spots that appear around the eyes. These patches are lumpy in shape that are not too dense but have a harder texture than normal skin. Xanthelasma does not cause pain, even when touched.
In general, this condition has no effect on the function of the eyes, but sometimes the spots that appear on the eyelids can make you a little difficult or disturbed when you open your eyes. If you experience Xanthelasma you should immediately do a blood check to make sure that the symptoms of Xanthelasma you are experiencing are not indicative of a serious illness.


Xanthelasma is not a type of skin condition that can disappear by itself, but must go through a medical procedure to eliminate it. It is also uncertain when Xanthelasma will stop developing and become even wider. So it is very important to consult a dermatologist regarding this condition.
There are several methods that can be done as a treatment for Xanthelasma, namely:

1. Medicine

The first way to deal with Xanthelasma is to use drugs. One type of drug chosen is a cholesterol-lowering drug which is a common cause of this condition. Although the drug does not always eliminate Xanthelasma, at least the drug can prevent Xanthelasma from developing.

2. Cryosurgery

The second method is the cryosurgery method This method is one method that is widely used to overcome various types of skin problems. Cryosurgery is an extreme technique of using cold temperatures to help destroy troubled skin tissue.

3. Electrodesiccation

The next treatment is not much different from Cryosurgery . If cold temperatures are used in Cryosurgery , the electrodesiccation method relies on electric waves to destroy troubled skin tissue.

4. Laser

The next treatment that can be used to eliminate Xanthelasma is by using a laser. The most common laser therapy is a carbon dioxide laser. Treatment using a laser is generally done in stages and cannot immediately eliminate Xanthelasma with one therapy.

5. Chemical cauterization

Chemical cautery is a method to get rid of problematic skin tissue using the help of chemical fluids. Some types of chemicals chosen for this method are monocloroacetic acid, dichloroacetic acid, or trichloroacetic acid. This one method is pretty much chosen because it is considered to have many advantages such as the small possibility of scarring.

6. Surgery

The last treatment that can be chosen to overcome Xanthelasma is the surgical method. This method is done by lifting the problematic layer of skin. Surgical procedures generally leave an incision scar and have the potential to leave scar tissue.
In addition to undergoing various treatments as mentioned above to eliminate Xanthelasma, you are also required to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent this condition from reappearing. Living a healthy lifestyle is also good to do as a precaution for those of you who have never experienced this condition.

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