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The microblogging service Twitter has increased the demand for short URLs. Services such as bit.ly assign system-created and shortened URLs that link to the entered destination URL. The precious message space of 140 characters on Twitter is not taken up by long URLs but can be effectively used. However, the trend of the “short ULRs” does not linger on Twitter, the URL shortcuts also gain in attractiveness in other social networks. Google and Facebook took the trend and now also offer the service of URL shortening.

The social network portal facebook offers the service of the “short URL” for registered users. With the URL fb.me, Facebook users can now shorten their links internally. Under fb.me/FANSITE it is now possible to call the fan page directly.

Google provides under Goo.gl your “URL shortener” on. The service is offered similar to Facebook so far only internally. Google is currently using it in the Google Toolbar and the Feedburner RSS service. The search engine promises in its shortening service high stability, security and speed in the forwarding.

The internal URL shortening services offer Facebook and Google more security of forwarding. The trust in external “URL shorteners” is great, because if providers like the “puffer fish” bit.ly have a system crash, more than half of all links on Twitter and other platforms are useless.

But despite the hype on URL shortcuts, there is no reason on Facebook to disguise the destination URL; or?


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