Url Monitor: Alerts received on OnPage changes

So you will not miss any on-page changes!
URL Monitor: Receive alerts for SEO-relevant on-page changes

You know that: You work on a website with hundreds or thousands of subpages. Your job is to optimize all OnPage elements perfectly for the search engine ranking. After weeks or months of hard work, you’ve painstakingly incorporated and optimized all Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Meta Robots, Canonical Tags, Redirects, and more. The ranking is increasing, everyone is happy and then!?!?!?

Ranking crash !!!!! Monday morning when visibility checks you thinking of the beer, the coffee from her hand. All signals are red! The visibility makes a bend, the traffic has collapsed, your ranking tools show huge losses and the boss is already roaring in the doorstep. You want to go home …

What happened? You use hours for analysis and troubleshooting. Does it only affect individual URLs, large pages or the entire domain? And then the blow hits you …

The techies have changed all status codes, redirects and meta robots. At the same time, the marketing fuzz have written some promotional slogans into the title tag nobody is looking for. Why always me…

How do I determine which elements have changed on which URL? Which department caused the error? Have some small changes already been made weeks/months ago that I may not even have noticed, as only individual rankings have changed?

All these worries are over now !!! The URL Monitor is a tool that crawls every SEO-related item daily, reliably displaying and historically saving all changes. So you will not miss any changes!

The daily storage of all HTML files and the creation of a daily page screenshot records all changes and helps you to quickly and reliably find all the errors you need to fix them.

A simple export of all errors, an insulting short e-mail to the engineering and marketing department, and you can go back to your beer coffee.

Wait a minute … What options do I have, if I would monitor my competitors with this tool …

Click here for free registration: www.url-monitor.com
(number of beta testers up to 50 accounts, first come, first serve!)


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