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Link Building, Quality Links Throwing You Nose

Link Building, Quality Links Throwing You Nose

Trying that the best bloggers link to an article of yours to improve your web positioning is not easy, but it is clear that the one who does not cry does not breast. So, if you want to get a quality link building, check it out: ask for it! Like the kitten in the photo …

What is the link building?

Well as it says its translation, it is not other than the construction of links, that is, get external pages to yours to put some link to your website or blog. This Google loves, because you will see that your blog has interesting content for other websites or blogs.

For example, if you are looking for teleworking in the Wikipedia, you will see a nice link pointing to your personal blog  ( take advantage of the link building to your personal blog :-)).

A good way to see the links you receive from other websites may be thanks to ahrefs , who will tell you who links you, how long, if the link is dofollow or nofollow, etc.(Understand DoFollow & Nofollow Link: SEO Basics)¬† And of course, Google’s famous webmaster tools will also give you interesting data about who links you, which are your most linked pages, etc.

what is backlinks

Types of link building

1: The good

This is the link building of “quality” and the one that Google likes the most; and little by little the only one that you will like … It is called link baiting (or bait link) and it is about getting links to your blog in a natural way, that is, that visitors like your article and simply want to link it from your blog or share it on your social networks.

After all, you do not have to do anything that you do not do when you write a good article for your visitors to like. Or do not you already do it?

2: The ugly

This is the type of link building that I will use later in this article and it is about asking directly to link to you from other web pages. The grace of this is that the web or blogs that link you have a good web positioning or PageRank (value from 1 to 10 that indicates the “importance” of a website on the Internet).

Here I have to make a nuance about PageRank because it is true that it is no longer used “publicly” but Google continues to use it internally. Even so, there are other metrics that you can use as a guide (they are not 100% true) such as the DA – Domain Authority and PA – Page Authority that you can check with the Moz bar.

Eye: it is important that you link from sites that have the same theme as yours so that Google seems more naturalYeah … Sure.

I say it is the “ugly” in quotes for having to ask directly, but there is one thing very clear and I’ve learned from other bloggers experts: do not hesitate to ask for things (politely), echadle morro. As my mother said: NO you already have it, so look for the YES.

3: The bad

Bad because that’s probably how Google starts to see these forms of link building :

  • Of payment: because to pay so that they link to you from webs without thematic that only dedicate themselves to it is not very “natural” the truth :-).
  • Exchange of links: this is one of the most famous using the typical blogrolls, which is a list of links to your favorite blogs. At the end of this list, you end up getting everything although it has nothing to do, and of course, to Google that links only because they link you do not like it. So you know: the exchange is going to end!
  • High in directories : although they are usually free, it happens a bit like the ones of payment: they are websites without a specific theme. So Google lately spends a bit of them because they do not see that they are “natural” links.
  • etc, etc, etc …

In short, any link that Google sees little “natural” will start by not taking it into account or even penalize it! Hence, this new youth enjoyed by blogs, because there is nothing more natural than linking from an article where people usually express their opinions, experiences, and feelings.

To throw him nose

This article talks about the link building, a very chewed subject, because of what I will call, my link-victims. So, first of all, I have 2 important premises to be able to achieve my goal:

  1. My link-victims are expert bloggers related to the subject of this blog: web positioning and digital marketing.
  2. As this article is within the subject that my link-victims use in their blogs, there will be no problem so they can link it naturally. It is also a different article than normal; It is a kind of game or real test on the effectiveness of the link building by jumping on it :-).

And here is my list of link-victims based on their experience, the good “roll” they transmit and of course the positioning of their blogs; because if not, this link building would not make sense



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