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Impact of smoking on the digestive tract

Although cigarette smoke is smoked in the respiratory tract, the effect turns out to be far greater than just attacking our respiratory organs. For example, the toxic content in cigarettes can also affect our digestive organs. Unfortunately, this influence is not healthy and can even be dangerous.
“For example, if you have a stomach problem that often recurs, it could be caused by smoking. One of my patients often complained of stomach ulcers so I asked to stop smoking. After following my advice, the conditions are far better, “said Dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, SpPD-KGEH from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.
According to Dr. Ari, not all cigarette smoke enters our respiratory tract. There are some that enter the stomach through the esophagus. This certainly will cause an impact such as flatulence or stomach upset.
In many cases, this condition will also increase stomach acid production. If the amount of stomach acid is very much, then the risk of increasing stomach acid into the esophagus and mouth also increases. We will also experience a sensation of pain and burning in the stomach or chest.
“Often, bloating and bloating due to increased production of stomach acid makes the sufferer not appetite. Because they don’t eat even though it’s time, the ulcer condition they suffer from will actually get worse, ”said Dr. Ari.
In addition to an increase in stomach acid or stomach ulcers, those who like smoking also tend to be more susceptible to stomach cancer and throat cancer. Smoked cigarette smoke turns out to be rich in carcinogens or cancer causes.
This carcinogen substance will stick to the throat, and eventually settles in the stomach or throat causing deadly disease.
Hobbies of smoking will also increase the risk of Crohn’s disease , a chronic inflammatory condition that occurs in the intestine and is triggered by a disruption of the immune system. There have been many studies that state that the content in cigarette smoke can make the immune system problematic, make the intestinal defense system weaker, and reduce blood flow to the intestine significantly.

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