Danger, Don’t Eat Bread Like This

 Who doesn’t like toast? Not only used as a type of food for breakfast, toast is also often consumed as a snack at night. We can make our own toast or buy it at a roadside bakery seller. It tastes equally good, especially when added with delicious jam or stuffing.
It’s just that, health experts from the European Food Safety Authority say that we should not arbitrarily consume toast. This is caused by several types of bread which apparently can contain acrylamide which is widely known as one of the main causes of cancer. For information, this content can also be found in instant coffee or processed foods that are processed at high temperatures.
So, what kind of toast has acrylamide content Health experts say that this toast is baked to a brownish color or slightly charred. Although usually brownish or slightly charred bread is crisper and more delicious, in reality the content of acrylamide in it is higher when compared to toast with a brighter color.
Toasted bread with added butter also tends to have a more seductive golden color and higher cholesterol content. If you often consume it, it is feared this could cause high cholesterol problems which certainly impact on the increased risk of heart disease .
Instead of using plain butter, health experts advise us to process it with unsalted butter or no salt. Be sure not to process it for too long to vacuum.
If we ever eat processed foods or other foods that have the potential to bring disease, health experts also advise us to increase our intake of water, consume more fiber, and diligently exercise to help the process of removing toxins from the body. In addition, it’s good we also start reducing the intake of processed foods, meat, or other processed foods to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

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