Beware, CHAPTER CHANGE Patterns Can Be A Sign Of Intestinal Cancer!

 One of the most difficult health problems to detect is colon cancer. Many people even consider it a problem with hemorrhoids or constipation. If you experience changes in bowel movements, this could be a sign of colon cancer, which is a deadly disease.
Health experts say that not only the frequency or habits of defecation change, it could be the form of dirt that comes out also indicates the presence of cancer in the digestive tract.
If we usually defecate every day with soft dirt without being accompanied by blood and feeling a complete sensation when doing so, then this can be considered normal. If then this pattern turns into diarrhea or the shape of the stool changes to become more flat, then there is a possibility that there is already a tumor in the large intestine that we should be aware of.
Constipation can also be a sign of colon cancer , especially if we cannot make a bowel movement for up to 4-5 days. If we also experience a decrease in appetite for drastic weight loss, then we should check this condition with a doctor to find out for sure whether the cause is colon cancer or not.
Defecation accompanied by blood is often considered to be associated with hemorrhoids, even though it could have been bleeding in the large intestine. Usually, hemorrhoids cause blood to flow in a fresh condition, but if the color of the blood coming out is dark red, it could be a sign that the intestine has bleeding. Unfortunately, sometimes blood has been mixed with dirt so we only think of it as a much darker color of dirt.
If we get colon cancer, other organs such as the liver and bile will also experience interference. The function of both will be inhibited and eventually cause symptoms such as abdominal pain. In addition, if left unchecked, colon cancer will make the immune system decrease so that our health condition will also continue to deteriorate so that the risk for death is also increased.

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