Attacking diarrhea, avoid these foods first

Although often considered a disease that is not too heavy, in reality diarrhea can make our daily activities disrupted. Many people can’t even go to work just because they have to go back and forth to the toilet to make the body limp.
There are many causes of diarrhea . This can be caused by consumption of foods that trigger allergies or foods that are less hygienic, lack of sleep, and other causes. One thing is certain, we must change our diet to be healthier when diarrhea and avoid certain types of food that have the potential to make diarrhea worse.
One dietary diarrhea food is a food rich in gases such as beans, broccoli, kembangkol, and shallots. If we consume it, the production of gas in the stomach will increase so that we will be more susceptible to problems with flatulence which will certainly trigger an uncomfortable sensation. The amount of gas in the stomach can also make diarrhea worse.
It’s good we also avoid fatty foods and are rich in sugar when diarrhea. Both types of food can trigger contractions in the intestine, causing the stomach to become bloated, uncomfortable, and aggravate diarrhea. For example, we should not consume milk and derivative products. Although classified as a beverage that is rich in nutrients, in reality milk is rich in fat.
Milk also contains lactose which can trigger flatulence and make diarrhea worse. It’s just that, an exception is in one of its derivative products, namely yogurt. Sugarless yogurt that is rich in probiotics can reduce the number of bad bacteria in the intestine which will certainly help relieve diarrhea.
Besides food, we also have to pay attention to the drinks we consume when diarrhea strikes. For example, it’s a good idea to avoid tea and coffee, a drink we usually consume every day. Some say that coffee and tea consumption should only be done a few days after diarrhea has subsided. In addition to these two drinks, we are also warned not to consume alcoholic beverages when diarrhea attacks because it can make these health problems worsen.

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